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Benefits of being a good citizen/ diversity and equality - page 1


By crazy ;) on 24/04/2012

Level: BTEC National Diploma

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Benefits of being a good citizen/ diversity and equality
Volunteering is a good way to show good citizenship, which helps society and the people in the community. Volunteering helps people who are maybe vulnerable in a way and volunteering to help could make a good outcome to the society; which in a way makes the communities come together to help one another. Volunteering in the public services has many roles and responsibilities in the community. For example a volunteer could become a special constable in the police, which helps people in the community feel safer knowing that there are specials out on the streets helping to tackle crime. The special constables work alongside paid police officers and have every right to arrest the same as them. Retained fire fighters are also volunteers that help the fire and rescue service do their job. Mountain and cave rescue are also volunteers looking out for the community and saving the public if they come across danger on the mountains or in caves. St John’s ambulance is a well known volunteering organization helping people who fall ill at public events like a festival for example. This helps the ambulance service so they can respond to other emergencies than spend their time looking over people at a public event waiting for someone to help/save. The territory army is one of the volunteering in the public services where the volunteers are paid, most of the volunteers are unpaid an take up most of their spare time; or when they are called to an emergency incident which requires there help. Sometimes people have difficulty being a volunteer as you have to be committed and most people have their own commitment to their families. Being a volunteer in the public sector helps the communities.
The general benefits of being a citizen are to improve society and make a positive difference to the community. These people provide a positive sense in the community which they live in like they do trouble –free things for other people such as tidying a neighbor’s garden and making it presentable if a neighbor can’t manage to do so. They may also act as a role model for younger people to influence them that there’s better to life than crime and if you do well at school then you will have a better future. A good citizen also cares a lot about the environment and the

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Benefits of being a good citizen/ diversity and equality- page 1