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Responsibilities of the different levels of government - page 1

Keywords: Responsibilities of the different levels of government

By crazy ;) on 24/04/2012

Level: BTEC National Diploma

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Responsibilities of the different levels of government
The central government is normally located in the capital city; which in our case itís London. The central government runs the whole country by taking up the most important responsibilities that any other government levels in the UK has. These responsibilities are making new laws, signing agreements with the other nations and also defending the nation. The central government has these responsibilities as itís the main government within the UK and it contains the 3 political institutions which make up parliament which are: the House of Commons, and the House of Lords and the monarch. These institutions work together. The house of commons creates new laws which they feel will work well for the British community. The house of lords has a responsibility of signing agreements for example looking into a new law passed down from the house of commons; this is a big decision as it will affect the nation. Overall I would say the central government has the toughest job out of the other levels of government as they run the country and if they make a mistake on anything they are responsible for, there will not be a positive outcome from the nation. Overall I would say that these departmentsí responsibilities are really important as they have to make hard decisions about how the country is run and how the country can be improved; but these changes the department makes can put a negative view on the country. I would say the central government does a good job for our country as the central governments jobs are split into 3 institutions which look thoroughly and have debates on whether some laws should change or should be made. I would not suggest this level of government should be improved as it does a huge part in the UK and always tackles our views on the country how it could be changed for the better. The public services response times are set by central government as there are different times for each public service so that the services reach the destination in an appropriate time. This puts a lot of pressure on the public services as they want to meet there set time and not face life changing outcomes for not being on target.
Local authorities such as the county and city councils have roles such as education, libraries, public transport, emergency planning

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Responsibilities of the different levels of government- page 1