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Sports Studies Personal Exercise Programme - page 1

Keywords: Sports Studies Personal Exercise Programme Physical Education GCSE coureswork PE P.E. Physical Education

By slashwk on 23/11/2006 17:36:03

Level: GCSE Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11)

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Sports Studies Personal Exercise Programme



The purpose of this Personal Exercise Programme (PEP) is to use various forms of exercise in order to improve certain aspects of my fitness. I will use tests to assess which specific aspects of my fitness need to improve in relation to the fitness aspects required for my particular sport. I will carry out my PEP which will be specifically designed to improve the required fitness aspects, and ultimately I will use tests to examine my improvements.

Aim of programme in relation to prior fitness and performance levels

I believe I am of a fairly high standard of fitness. I do about 7 hours of karate per week (including supplementary training such as stretching and weights), as well as about 5 hours of rugby a week (hours in brackets):

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Karate (2) Rugby (1) Rugby (2) Stretching () Rugby (1) Rugby (1) REST
Stretching () Karate (2) Weights () Stretching ()
Weights () Weights ()

So that I know which aspects of fitness are of any use to my chosen sport (karate), I need to do an assessment of the requirements of the different fitness aspects for karate:

Aerobic/cardio-vascular power
Aerobic/cardio-vascular power tends to be a vital component of many sports. In karate, however, it is not so important. Unlike boxing matches which last as many as twelve three minute rounds, karate matches last only one round of two minutes, maybe with an extension of another round of two minutes if the first round resulted in a draw. Two minutes may not seem like a long time to be competing, but it is at such intensity that it can tire you as if you were playing rugby or football for 45 minutes. It is for these reasons that I believe that there is a medium requirement for this fitness factor.

Explosive arm power
This factor is fundamental in full contact karate. You have only two minutes to knock your opponent down (or out!), and if you cannot pack a powerful punch, your very unlikely to win. It is definitely a very high requirement in karate.

Explosive leg power
Most knockouts occur from high kicks to the head, and is one of the best ways to win, without a strong kick, you will be unable to exploit any of the openings you will have made with your punches, and therefore explosive leg power is a very high priority.

Arm and shoulder strength/endurance
A popular misconception is that one must be extremely strong to win in full contact karate. This is untrue,

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Re. Dumbbell Flies exercise(page 9)

If you use an inclined bench you can work the upper part of the pectorals instead of the body. If you always work with a flat bench you will get man boobs!

Once you have got sufficient bulk added to the main body of the pecs, you should work on an inclined bench to work the top part of the pecs and create fuller better proportioned pecs.


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Sports Studies Personal Exercise Programme- page 1