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discipline in the public services - page 1


By crazy ;) on 24/04/2012

Level: BTEC National Diploma

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Justify the need and role and impact for discipline in the public services
Discipline is important in the public services as the services have alot of responsibilities but without discipline these responsibilities will not be handled or dealt with, with appropriate manner. Discipline helps people get on with the task set/job as discipline is mainly about being motivated and determined to do the best possible. If a team leader was briefing there team and the team was not paying any attention to what the leader was saying the team would be lost and not know what to do; this would be disrespecting the leader as the leader has gave their time to explain what is going to happen and what each of the team members of the team are going to do.
In the public services discipline is used to strengthen the services; for example threatening to give punishments out, which creates fear. This is used so all the public sectors know how to behave in the right manner. Rules and regulations are set so that the people in the services donít step out of line and do their job with profession. The police force has a discipline code called the code of professional standards. If someone was to go against the rules from the public service acts then that person will be punished; this can include being sacked which means being asked to not return back to the job. An example of poor discipline in the public services is when a policeman hit a man called Ian Tomlinson in the G20 protest. In a result of this the police reputation was affected by this. The police officer went against the rules and regulations acting in an appropriate manner. A punishment for this police officer got imprisonment for killing this man. The police officer showed poor discipline by reacting to protesters in the wrong way, which cost him his job and anotherís life. If anyone in the public sector do anything wrong, the services have to pay for one persons mistake. The public services always seem to be in the public eye so if anything bad is said about them people will gain to dislike them and not depend on them to do a good job. The public pay for the public services through taxes so if they fail to do a good job; the public may argue against paying them.

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discipline in the public services- page 1